These are specifically designed for filtration and dehydration of hydraulic oil, turbine oil, and thermic fluid. These plants work on heating, filtration and vacuum principle. These plants are suitable for the machine to machine filtration, as they are compact in size and light in weight and easily handled with two persons. These plants are suitable for remote site filtration as they can be carried in small rickshaw tempo. Our plant specialty is the removal of free as well as emulsified water from the oil along with particles up to 1 micron such as oxidation sludge, colloidal carbon, dirt, etc. Filtration is efficient and very fast due to specially molded cellulose cartridges. These plants require a nearly unattended operation as oil level is controlled by a float switch.


  • Low operational cost
  • High vacuum Low-temperature operation
  • Highly efficient due to latest technology


  • Flow rate: 150 LPH to 1200 LPH
  • Grade: Automatic
  • Brand: Ar Engineering