Transformer oil or insulating oil is a highly refined mineral oil remaining stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties. It is vitally important for the safe and efficient operation of many types of electrical equipment such as power transformers, instrument transformers, circuit breakers and high voltage bushings.

This filtration unit included the pump, 149 Micron suction filter. 10 Micron return line filter, with single / three phase electric motor. The unit used for cleaning the fluid in a reservoir by circulating it through its two stage filtration systems. This porta filter provides flexibility for in plant machinery. Wherever as single /three phase electrical connection available. The unit provides filtration, flushing and transfer of oil from container to the hyd. tank or vice versa.

Why use transformer oil?

Transformer oil is used as liquid insulation and dissipates transformer heat. More specifically, the transformer oil is used as a coolant in transformers and as a means of arc suppression in circuit breakers (apart from its insulating properties).

Transformer oil not only helps to preserve the core and windings which are fully immersed with oil, but also prevents direct contact of atmospheric oxygen which causes oxidation of the cellulose made paper insulation around the windings.

  • Contaminants in transformer oil
  • Solid particles like rust scales, dust and fibres
  • Generation of carbon particles due to ageing of switchgear
  • Oil absorbs moisture resulting in free and dissolved water
  • Absorption of air
  • Aging fluids produce absorbed gases, causing equipment failure and arc suppression in switchgear
  • Sludge formation
  • Increase in acidity level
  • Chemical products are caused by oxidation, as well as cross contamination of other products.