The plant is specially designed for drying and impregnation process and to improve power factor of an electrolytic capacitors for motor and fan industries.

The plant consists of : Impregnation chamber

  • The impregnation chamber can be of Square shape or in a cylindrical shape.
  • Vacuum achievement will be upto 0.0001 torr.
  • The leak rate (L.R) of the system will be better then 0.1 torr lit/sec.
  • Heating to the impregnation chamber by thermic oil heating (external or internal)
  • Individual oil filling by single valve.
  • All valves provided to the system will be of our own make, 100% leak proof having standard leak rate.
  • Terminal testing flange will be provided for the purpose.
  • R.O.S.T(Raw oil storage tank) & P.O.S.T(Processed oil storage tank)
  • Shape: Cylindrical.
  • Leak proof level indicators provided.
  • Accessible manhole for maintenance purpose.
  • Effective oil heating jacket provided surrounding to the R.O.S.T and P.O.S.T.